Agile Collaboration for Innovative Enterprises
Vulcan lets you push the boundaries of virtualized teams and workplaces.

Built-in value

Vulcan provides a leveraged starting point for creating your own distinctive collaboration platform. It bundles common tools for web-based teamwork to immediately outfit projects and teams.


Vulcan is designed from the ground up specifically for adaptation and extension. It incorporates framework-based support for tool, service, and resource integration adapted to your enterprise workflows.


Vulcan uses cloud technology and a distributed service architecture to elastically scale to your enterprise. It can be adapted to multiple cloud platforms in public, private, or hybrid deployments.

Open source

Vulcan is free and liberally licensed open source software with available commercial support. Browse the source code and read the docs.

Versatile collaborative engineering framework

Vulcan lets you create collaboration platforms that integrate semantically-rich enterprise data and interoperate with enterprise tools and services. Vulcan enables an agile approach to building out platform capabilities through adaptation, integration, and extension of a common foundation framework with built-in collaboration tools and services. Designed for elastic cloud deployment, collaboration platforms built with Vulcan can be seamlessly incorporated into enterprise cloud strategies to provide custom web dashboards and service gateways.

Try it out!

This minimally adapted Vulcan platform is where we develop Vulcan. Registration for trial use is open, subject to our terms of service.


Vulcan's baseline collaboration tools enable rapid-start deployments.

  • Virtual team-spaces
  • Chat and messaging
  • Issue tracking
  • Wikis and Forums


Vulcan supports shared resources within and across teams.

  • Version-controlled repositories
  • Component Exchange


Vulcan provides multiple extension points to build out your platform.

  • Visualization
  • Analytics
  • Continuous integration